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Dagny's Self-Justification of the Joy of a Woman Serving a ManDagny TaggartDagny Taggart Explaining What 'They' Mean by Being 'Unfeeling'
Dagny Taggart and Francisco d'Anconia - After Her Return to Taggart TranscontinentalDirective 10-289Dwight Sanders
Ellis Wyatt's Defense of His Exodus to Dagny TaggartFrancisco's Justification Plea to DagnyFrancisco d'Anconia's Explanation to Dagny Taggart at the Cabin
Francisco d'Anconia on the U.S. and the Rebirth of the WorldInquiriesJames Taggart Explaining the Railroad Unification Plan
John GaltMidas Mulligan Trying to Convince Galt Not to Go BackProjectTask - University
Quentin Daniels' Notice of Resignation Letter to Dagny TaggartRagnar Danneskjold's JustificationRagnar Danneskjold's Speech to Hank Rearden
Richard Halley's Explanation Plea About CreativityThe Explanation Project WikiThe Inscription Above the Door of Galt's Powerhouse
The Justification of Dagny's 'Captivity' by GaltThe Justifications of the Exodus Citizen 'Council'The Story of the Twentieth Century Motor Company (told by Jeff Allen, the tramp on Dagny's train)
The Time for the End of the 'Strike'
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